Fencing Repair

Eastside Fence is a trustworthy fence contractor that can provide for all your repair needs. Fence repair is our specialty and we want to make sure that you have the most durable and long-lasting fences in the neighborhood. If you want to upgrade, we can help with fence removals and install new gates for you. We can send a reliable and skilled fence building expert to inspect your existing fence and give you a quote on a replacement.

A fence can add to the appearance of your home or it can take away from it. We offer amazing commercial and residential fences which not only make your property beautiful, but to keep your family safe and your yard private. We can repair aluminum fences and mend every broken link. If a picket in your PVC vinyl fences is broken, we can restore or replace it and make it look as if nothing happened. We also offer residential and commercial gates to add to your property's beautification.

From wood to aluminum fences, there is no job that is too big for us. Call Eastside Fence if you're a resident of Warren, MI and the surrounding areas looking for fence repair and schedule a consultation today!

Fence Installation

When it comes to fence installation, an experienced fence contractor from Eastside Fence will be able to install your fence at a cost effective price. This includes post hole digging and bobcat service as well. We are licensed and insured to install chain link and aluminium fences for residential and commercial properties.

We know how to keep intruders off your property and secure your surroundings. We are dedicated to providing you with security and privacy, and meet your aesthetic requirements too. For chain link fences, we do welding services. If you are looking to increase the value of your property, we recommend upgrading your fencing. There are many options available. If you are not sure which type of fence installation works best, we can help you decide.

If you’re looking for reliable fence repair and installation in Warren, MI and the surrounding areas, call Eastside Fence for a free estimate and learn more about our options and warranties. You'll be happy you did.

Commercial Fences

When your fence helps to keep your business going, you need a fence contractor who understands your need for high quality, low-maintenance, long-lasting commercial fences. Eastside Fence specializes in fence building that will keep your herd if you own a farm, students if your a principal of a school, and tenants if you own an apartment complex, safe from outside intruders.

From metal construction to wood fences, we can help you decide what is best for your business’ needs and budget. After all, a fence meant to keep in cows needs to be more sturdy than one designed to keep chickens in their coops. Our fences can help keep out those with bad intentions and keep those with good ones in. Your livelihood could depend on the quality of your fence. You could try to build a fence yourself, but letting the professionals do it means you in the end would end up saving on costly fence repairs.

For all of your commercial fences in Warren, MI and the surrounding areas, Eastside Fence is here for you. Call us today to get started!


Where there are fences, there are gates. Apart from providing a high quality fence contractor services, we at Eastside Fence also provide services for your gates. Whether you need gate repair or installation, you can rely on us to give you the same quality workmanship and customer service that we provide when it comes to fences.

If you’re interested in having automated residential gates, we at Eastside Fence can install automatic gate openers upon gate and fence installation. This is definitely a good option for those with bigger properties like farms or ranches as it makes for easier access for you while still keeping your property safe and secure.

If you have a preexisting gate that seems to have trouble functioning properly or looks a bit dainty, give us a call and we can gladly provide gate repairs or replacement services upon your request.

So if you’re looking for reliable custom gates in Warren, MI and the surrounding areas, give us at Eastside Fence a call.

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